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The Cocktail Haus


Brand Design | Naming | Collatoral Design

Image of The Cocktail Haus cocktail shaker with purple glass and gold metal designed by Alluring Media Co.

About the Project

The Cocktail Haus capitalizes on the growing need of 3rd places. It combines delicious cocktails with a luxurious, baroque-style atmosphere. This brand believes in style, service, and community above all else. From the moment patrons enter The Cocktail Haus to the moment they leave, they should feel welcomed, cared for, and excited for their next trip to their new favorite establishment.

The Cocktail Haus’ brand design includes a grandeur twist on modern colors and incorporates old-money luxury with modern improvements. The color palette features muted shades of green, purple, and burnt orange, allowing a subtle contrast and creating a quiet luxury that invites those with elevated taste.


These bold color choices are complemented by neutral tones and embellished with metallic gold as a nod to Gatsby-era grandeur. 


AI goes a long way, but we take it even further.

The Cocktail Haus menu in purple, standing up on a bar table with a pink cocktail standing next to it
Image of a woman with a purple shirt and floral skirt holding a cocktail from The Cocktail Haus - Designed by Alluring Media Co.

Final Outcomes

We designed The Cocktail Haus’ logo to emphasize the duality of its style. The circle around the “CH” directs the eye to the center, where the modern “C” and embellished “H” join to convey the Cocktail Haus’ refined and welcoming atmosphere. The typography in the main logo also remains legible from a distance, but not at the expense of the flair of the “H”. Combined with the icons, the typography of the logo spotlights the elegance of The Cocktail Haus brand.

To further emphasize the unique style of luxury and modernism The Cocktail Haus provides, we created custom AI renderings that visually define the aesthetic. These AI renderings picture the ins and outs of The Cocktail Haus’ operations, including menus, employee uniforms, liquor bottles, and more. Each rendering was created and edited to be entirely custom to The Cocktail Haus brand to accurately represent the subtly striking brand.

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