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Brand Design | Naming | Packaging Design

About the Project

Conceptualized around confidence, Neudiste is a sustainable skincare brand behind a multitude of products, most notably the Solar Silk Sunscreen. This brand is new and exciting, attracting consumers subscribing to the idea of comfort and confidence in their own skin. It was designed to be reminiscent of an intimate moment on the beach with your lover and societal rebellion while perpetuating the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect your skin. Neudiste’s new twist on sunscreen required branding that hints at its naturally derived ingredients and organic origins and communicates its subtle yet significant edge.


Project Concepts

Derived from French origins, the name Neudiste combines a French term for “new” and the direct translation for “nudist”.

Neudiste’s logo, like the brand itself, combines the raw energy of nature and the flourish of luxe, new-age design. The font balances between flowing script and modern print to intrigue potential consumers.

Neudiste brand design features natural motifs such as waves, shells, and palm fronds evocative of white sand beaches and lush, oceanside jungles. These icons combined with its neutral color palette of skin tones and staple botanicals create an aura of serenity and warmth to the brand.

Neudiste Bare Skin Serum Frosted Amber Dropper Bottle - Designed by Alluring Media Co.
Wave Icon for Neudiste in Blue-Gray - Designed by Alluring Media Co.
SPF50_Cosmetic Tube Scene3.png

Final Outcomes

Unlike traditional sunscreen brands, Neudiste does not rely on bright colors to stand out on the shelves, but rather on an understated, unexpected sense of luxury in an otherwise mundane product. Neudiste’s luxe-tinted glass Vitamin C tinctures are packaged inside boxes designed for efficiency and beauty. While the box’s structure protects the tinctures inside, the colors and fonts adorning the outside quietly command consumer attention.

Like the Bare Skin Serum tinctures, the Solar Silk sunscreen is packaged with luxury and sustainability in mind. This miracle product comes in an aluminum tube with a plastic twist-off cap, both of which are recyclable. The neutral-toned tube is cradled by a box similar to that of the Bare Skin Serum; thoughtfully designed to protect the product and maximize visual appeal.

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