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MASK Skincare


Packaging Design | Naming

Photo of the original Ageless Serum design by Mask Skincare

About the Project

MASK Skincare, founded by Sarah Mirsini, is a groundbreaking CBD-infused skincare brand known for its commitment to organic, non-toxic ingredients.


With a focus on sustainability, their products cater to all skin types while utilizing cannabinoids for holistic skincare. MASK Skincare's mission extends to promoting self-acceptance through self-care, making it a standout choice for those seeking effective, eco-conscious skincare and well-being.

Because its dynamic mission outgrew its previous packaging, we partnered with MASK Skincare to revitalize the design for its iconic serum bottles.


The original serum bottles (shown with white caps) were no longer consistent with the growing product line and needed to capture the brand’s neutral yet powerful tone while highlighting the unique benefits the serum provides.


Skincare so clean, you could eat it.

The new Mask Skincare Soothing Organic Balm Stick designed by Alluring Media Co.
New Mask Ageless Serum bottle designed by Alluring Media Co.

Final Outcomes

Our redesign focused on harmonizing fonts and bringing key information to the forefront to instantly inform the consumer of each serum’s purpose. Additionally, changing the color of the cap from white to black posed a unique challenge in balancing neutral tones with such a striking color. After ensuring the new packaging blended perfectly with MASK’s branding, the final product incorporates the power of color theory and balance with simple and striking language.


In addition to the serum bottles, we also redesigned MASK’s hair and body oil label, and versatile "Lip Stick" product. For the hair and body label, we introduced neutral tan tones alluding to hair and skin tones and adding a touch of warmth to its design. For both labels, we called out the key ingredients that customers will look for when shopping for organic products. 


Aside from the re-design of these two products, we also renamed the "Hair + Body Oil" and "Lip Stick" products. Recognizing the multi-use nature of the lip balm product, we collaborated with MASK Skincare to rename it to "Organic Balm Stick", broadening its appeal and opening customers to its other uses aside from lip balm. The rebranded "Organic Balm Stick" label not only conveys its adaptability but also highlights its key features. And the Hair + Body Oil is now "Hydrating All Over Oil" since it also has multiple applications.

Try MASK Skincare’s revolutionary products here.

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