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A full brand development project By Alluring Media Co.


Viva Fall River, a Massachusetts-based non-profit, wanted to run a summer tourism campaign focused on promoting Fall River, MA as the perfect rest stop for travelers heading to Cape Cod. This campaign, entitled “Take 5 Off 195”, required a full brand identity, including a color palette, logo, graphic design, style guide, and website design and development.

In addition to their branding needs, they also requested marketing assistance in the form of Google and social media ad management, billboard design, videography, and content writing. Because the campaign is aimed at travelers, everything included in the campaign needed to demonstrate the very best that Fall River has to offer. As a Fall River-based agency, our designers and CEO were ecstatic to take on this massive project.

For the Take 5 Off 195 campaign, our designers were first tasked with selecting the color palette and logo design. After extensive research regarding color theory, we ended up with a vibrant palette of yellows and oranges, blues and navys, and sea greens. This color combination creates an aura of positivity, warmth, excitement, and welcoming, perfect for a campaign inviting tourists to experience the beauty of Fall River.


Inspired by national park tourism campaigns from the 50s and 60s, our designers then created a logo resembling a diner sign from the “good ol’ days”. The Take 5 logo is nostalgic for parents now traveling with their children; it reminds them of family road trips from when they were young and invites them to establish new memories with their own families.

Once the branding was complete, our website design and development team quickly created the web pages that would serve as the hub for everything Take 5 Off 195. These pages were built as an extension of the Viva Fall River WordPress website, which allowed our designers’ imaginations to run wild with unique features and customization. From the graphics created by our designers to the videography in collaboration with 8 Arm Creative, the Take 5 website serves as a gateway to the glory of Fall River


 In addition to the brand and website design, Take 5 leadership requested Alluring Media Co.’s exclusive marketing services* for this campaign. As a part of their marketing plan, developed in collaboration with our marketing team, we had the incredible opportunity of designing a billboard located on 195 near Providence, RI. We also managed advertisements for Take 5 on Google, Waze, and other social media platforms. (*Marketing services only offered to returning clients.)

The result of the Take 5 Off 195 design was a fresh, vibrant campaign that spoke to the masses. It paints Fall River in a beautiful light; emphasizing the very best that the South Coast’s hidden gem has to offer. Take a look at the live Take 5 Off 195 website here, and if you find yourself touring New England, don’t forget to “Take a Break on the Way to the Cape” in Fall River!

Check out this article from the Herald News about the campaign!

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