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A branding and website design & development project by Alluring Media Co.

Viva Fall River is a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing South Coast’s hidden gem: Fall River, Massachusetts. The leaders of this organization desired a fresh new look to match the essence of their mission to refresh Fall River. Their dated color palette of white, light blue, and coral failed to yield the results they were hoping for, and the original Viva website did not meet the unique visitor count and session length expectations. They found that these aspects of their brand desperately needed improvement in order to achieve their mission.


Our design team decided to derive Viva’s new colors from their original palette, but with a dazzling neon twist. Instead of subtle coral and blue, we utilized electrifying blue, green, pink, orange, and turquoise to match the energy of Viva’s movement to reinvigorate Fall River. Based on our design team’s extensive knowledge of color theory, this design communicates the renewal, enthusiasm, power, and inspiration that Fall River has to offer.

To put the energized color palette to good use, Alluring Media Co. also redesigned Viva’s entire website. Viva’s leadership elected to build the website on WordPress, which allowed us full creativity and customization possibilities for the new site. We first updated the flow and layout of the site to allow simpler navigation and an enhanced user experience. This involved integrating a calendar function, which allows users to add events to their personal calendars with just one click, and a map function that provides users the exact location of every establishment mentioned on the website. We then applied the new color palette and customized graphics created by our in-house design team to further amplify Viva’s mission.


Our improvements resulted in a refined representation and a point of pride for the Viva Fall River organization. Viva saw increased website traffic, session time, and user satisfaction in the months following our initial redesign. Alluring Media Co. also continuously updates and maintains their website to ensure every feature functions properly. This redesign also resulted in Alluring Media Co. getting re-hired to design the first Viva Fall River tourism campaign entitled “Take 5 Off 195”, which launched in July, 2022.

Check out Viva Fall River’s live website here.
*Please note that we continuously update the website’s content to provide the best possible user experience.

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