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Threads Gallery

A product photography project By Alluring Media Co.

Threads Gallery is owned and operated by artist Mary Monteiro. She hand sews and creates headbands, scarves, and hair wraps and wanted a way to properly display them.

We provided the models for this project and it was done in our studio.

She wanted to show off the many different ways you can wear the products.


Some of the patterns that are utilized in the scarves and headbands are hand-dyed by Mary. She plays a lot with color in her works and loves new and interesting patterns. The pattern on the right is one of her creations.


The works on this page are all lightly retouched. Mary requested photos as true to the original photo as possible to make sure she is showing off a natural and real look, a sentiment shared by us at Alluring Media Co.

Check out their website here:

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