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Why Are Your Social Media Feeds Failing You?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Table of Contents:

1. Is Curated Content Necessary?

2. Are All Platforms Created Equal?

3. What Do You NEED to Know?

Mastering multiple social media platforms is difficult work because each site has different definitions of successful content. Therefore, reposting the same content on all of your social media accounts won't help you develop solid relationships with your followers, and it won't encourage them to follow you on all of your platforms. That's why they just can't commit to you all the way. But don't worry, we have some tips to keep your followers fully satisfied on all your socials. Here are the top 3 tips to help you create better social media content for your followers!

1. Is Curated Content Necessary?

Short answer: yes! According to marketing studies, the average person is exposed to over 10,000 brand messages per day. In order to make your message stand out to your consumer, you have to remember who you're talking to, and how you're talking to them.

Give your followers a reason to actively view content on all your social media pages!

For instance, if you're running a campaign on Instagram, you can't just use the "Post to Facebook" button on Instagram and call it a day. Why? Because then your followers have no incentive to follow you on Facebook because they can see the exact same content on Instagram.

And if they do follow you on Instagram and Facebook, they won't for long. Sooner or later, they will get tired of seeing the same content twice a day, every day. That's why you HAVE TO switch it up!

2. Are All Platforms Created Equal?

It's no secret that different social media platforms are dominated by very different groups. In order to reach your followers in a memorable way, you need to know which platforms to pay extra close attention to. According to Statista, today's most used social media sites are:

If your target market is between 25 and 35 years old, you need to focus on curating content specifically for Facebook. With almost 3 billion active users and the average user spending 40 minutes on the site every day, Facebook is a hotbed for connecting with your followers.

Instagram is also an important tool to market your business, as it has over 1 billion active users. 57% of those 1 billion users identify as female, and the average daily time spent scrolling is 30 minutes.

Although TikTok is not listed on the most popular social media sites of 2021, don't count them out just yet. TikTok is a great platform for businesses marketing to teenagers and early twenties. The infamous algorithm makes "going viral" possible for anyone (even us!), and ranked comments allow your voice to be heard louder than ever before.

Pro Tip: Use follower insights on Instagram to see which age group dominates your following!

3. What Do You NEED to Know?

We know that online promotion isn't easy, but the bottom line is: you need followers. Followers turn into customers, and customers contribute to the success of your business. So when you're deciding on what to post, keep these tips in mind, along with everything else you just read!

🌟 First, know what content does best on which platforms. For example, blogs and articles do best on LinkedIn and Facebook.

🌟 Second, always schedule and plan your posts. Instead of scrambling each day to post on every platform, make a content schedule in advance to keep your feed interesting and up-to-date.

🌟 Third, show, don't tell. Video and image content dominate the Internet. If your post doesn't have an eye-catching photo or interesting video thumbnail attached, your followers will scroll by it without blinking an eye. Always make sure to include a visual element to your posts!


In order to become the jack of all socials, all you need to do is

  • Curate your content

  • Choose platforms carefully

  • Know the basics

As you learn more about what to post, where to post, and who to post it for, your followers will hit the follow button on all of your pages. Keep our tips in mind when you post and let us know how your accounts improve!

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