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What Color Underwear Are Your Customers Wearing Right Now?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Table of Contents:

1. Are They 25, Are They 52...?

2. What Floats Their Boat?

3. Do They Buy Oreos or "Sandwich Cremes"?

4. Who's In Their Family Portraits?

Ever think about what your customers eat for breakfast? Or where they vacation? Or what color underwear they have on when they hit the "purchase" button on your website? Ok, maybe you don't need to go that deep, but you do need to know the intimate ins and outs of your consumer base. Although these pieces of information may seem trivial, they can actually make or break your business's marketing strategy. If you're having trouble building lasting relationships with your consumers or luring in repeat customers, it helps to think about them on a deeper level. And the perfect place to start is with our top 4 demographics to learn about your customers!

1. Are They 25, Are They 52...?

Although age is one of the most basic aspects of a person, it is the most important detail to know about your target market. Age dictates a LOT about a customer, including

All of the above points boil down to age, and they all need consideration before you plan your marketing strategy. A good rule of thumb for segmenting your audience based on age is to categorize them into the following brackets: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65+. An easy way to find out which bracket your customers are in is by checking your social media analytics. Most major sites allow you to view the age range of your followers, which you can use to define your age demographic quickly.

Pro Tip: For instructions on how to utilize Facebook analytics, click here!

2. What Floats Their Boat?

Yes, this could mean a LOT of things. However, the goal is to figure out what is most important to your target market-- is it religion, ethnicity, identity, Underwater basket weaving? Knowing what's important to your consumer will help you better anticipate their needs and help you develop a more specialized, desirable product for them. It's extremely beneficial for you to know every detail about what your customers want in the present and future.


For example, you run a sneaker shop. As June rolls around, you hear a lot of buzz about attending Pride parades and festivals. What should you do? You make some rainbow sneakers of course! And you make a TikTok about your brand new Pride line, become the #1 location for Pride merchandise in your area, and capture the hearts of your customers.

An easy way to learn more about your market segment is to ask them. Try creating a survey asking simple questions about what else they would like to see from you and why they feel that way. Give them access to the survey as they check out, in-store or online. You'll know them like the back of your hand before no time!

3. Do They Buy Oreos or "Sandwich Cremes"?

No, we're not actually talking about cookies. We're talking about your clientele's budget. Knowing this crucial detail will allow you better insight into how much your consumer can afford to spend on your product. However, this information is invaluable, making it very difficult to attain. You certainly can't just Google your client's annual income! So, how do you figure it out?

Do a little digging with information you can attain: your own sales. Look at what's popular in your business. Is it the $4 pack of Oreos, or the $1.99 pack of "sandwich cremes"? Is it the $100 30-minute massage, or the $500 all-day spa package? Is it the $8 cotton socks, or the $60 cashmere socks? If you have a one-price-fits-all model, experiment with a more expensive option that offers your customers just a bit more. If there are no takers, you've probably already found a good price range for your market segment. If there are takers, that means people might be willing to spend even more on you!

4. Who's In Their Family Portraits?

Knowing the family life of your clients is especially important to your business structure. If you don't cater correctly to customers with children, they will move on very quickly. Married couples with children almost always prioritize their home and their children, so if you don't do the same, they will take their business elsewhere. Pay close attention to who is visiting your shop or site, and keep a tally of how many people appear to have children with them.

If you discover that the majority of customers have children, it's time to start customizing their experience. Add an option for mom and baby apparel, start a childcare room for parents getting a massage or working anything that will make it easier for families to keep coming back. Even just making small talk about their children will make them feel more connected to you. When they feel that you care, you will have customers for life.


In order better grasp the entirety of the ins and outs of your target market, you need to focus on their...

  • Age

  • Interests

  • Budget

  • Family

As you discover the above information, marketing will come easier and easier for you. It'll be like selling ice-cold water in the Sahara Desert. Will you try the tips we suggested to learn more about your customers? Let us know!

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