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Top 3 Places To Promote Your Brand - Other Than Online

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Table of Contents:

1. Give A Face-To-Face Presentation

2. Join a Young Professionals Club

3. Start a Local Mastermind Group

Online marketing is not the only way to push your brand out into the world. There is an alternative. It's called Face-to-Face interaction. For many people - including entrepreneurs - it's easy to get sucked up into the online marketing frenzy without thinking of other options. Yet there are plenty of potential clients in your community right now who need your services. All you have to do is meet them. How? Here are our 3 top tips to promote your business in person:

1. Give A Face-To-Face Presentation

The thought of public speaking is terrifying for many people but is necessary for business owners to increase their client base.

Don't panic! You don't have to start by giving a fancy presentation to a stadium filled with prospects right away. Start with smaller groups then work your way up to larger crowds. Here's why:

A Forbes survey indicates 84% of executives prefer in-person meetings, because they build more meaningful business relationships.

So, how to achieve this goal? Here are few suggestions:

  • Give a short presentation at your local library

  • Offer an in-person meeting at your office

  • Attend an in-person 'meet-up' with similar-minded professionals

  • Secure a booth at a festival or fair (offering printed info on your brand)

  • Bring your business up in light social situations - just don't overdo

The more you get out there and talk to people in real life, the more confidence you will gain. Will you make mistakes? Maybe, but so what? You are human, after all, and so are all those people you're speaking with; the ones who need your product or service but don't know it yet.

2. Join a Young Professionals Group

Young professionals are defined as people ages 20 through 34 who are involved in professional or technical occupations. The folks who get involved in this venture develop leadership, communication, and organizational skills. If you socialize with them, you'll hear firsthand what works and may help you grown your business. You'll never find out though until you get out and about and meet other entrepreneurs in the same boat as you.

The beauty of this type of club: It doesn't matter what group members do for work, so it's not like you're face-to-face with the competition. Instead, you may even get a member as a client or get a lead. While there are not tons of Young Professional groups in your local area, you may consider starting one of your own. Okay, this is yet another 'To Do' on your list, but once established you will have a support group of people to brainstorm with.

Pro Tip: You can find an in-depth guide to networking with young professionals here!

3. Start a Local Mastermind Group

Of course, not all entrepreneurs are under 40. In today's economy, there are plenty of people of all ages who want to start their own companies for different reasons. These seasoned professionals have gained experience over the course of their established careers or obtained their industry knowledge in any number of other ways. If you fall into this category, perhaps becoming part of a mastermind group is the perfect avenue for you.

Some Mastermind groups will charge an annual fee for membership; others won't. Usually, they meet on a regular basis in person...

  • At a restaurant

  • A cafe

  • A high-end bar

and can serve as a great support system for you. Here you can interact with others in a relaxed atmosphere and bounce ideas around with your peers. The main goal: To be held accountable by other group members when you announce you have a goal or timeline to reach. After all, every business owner can use support every now and again. Why not as part of a Mastermind group?

Pro Tip: If interested in learning more on this topic - including how to create your own Mastermind group - check out


While online marketing continues to rise in popularity - with no end in sight - face-to-face interaction with leads or potential clients can help grow your client base. Interpersonal communication can also give you immediate referrals on the spot. Word-of-mouth advertising is still alive and well. Use it to your advantage to prove your business expertise.

  • Plan a presentation or 'introduction' of your brand at any local gathering

  • Join a club or group of like-minded people who can refer your services to others

  • Human interaction is powerful; with honed interpersonal skills you can rock your brand

If you take any of the above suggestions and put them into practice you can finally get out of the office - even a home office, of course - and market yourself right in your own local community. Why not? You have nothing to lose.

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