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Quick Poll: Who Loves Polls?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Table of Contents:

1. Why Do Your Followers Love Polls?

2. Why Should YOU Love Polls?

3. How Can You Use Polls?

Do you ever wish you could just read your customers' minds? Like you could ask them questions about which of your products or services they like best, or what they would improve about your brand? Of course you have! It's every business owner's dream to have access to information that will enhance their customer experience. Although we don't have a method to read your customers' minds, we do have the next best thing. Polls! Polls are imperative for any business, as they help you and your customers...and did we mention they're free? Here's why polls are so important and how to start utilizing them for your brand!

1. Why Do Your Followers Love Polls?

Because people want to be heard. Did you hear that? Ok, one more time...


When your followers feel that their opinion is valued, they develop a stronger connection to your brand. It makes them feel like an integral part to your business (and they are!). Your followers also like polls because it allows them to change their minds once, twice, three times over. Polls don't lock them in a box!

Polls also give your customers a choice to reveal their information or not. With modern Internet tracking methods, the average consumer has lost the right to privacy, and they are NOT happy about it. But with polls, they can be selective about what information they'd like to provide. Most of the time, customers don't mind telling you about just have to ask!

2. Why Should YOU Love Polls?

The answer is very simple: customer insights. Today, consumer data is a multibillion-dollar industry. A single customer profile usually costs about 25 cents, which isn't much, but most companies ask that you buy in bulk. "Bulk" means around 10 million profiles...10 million X 25 cents = a grand total of $2,500,000. And surely you have other things you'd rather spend your budget on!

By utilizing polls, you can bypass the hassle (and cost) of purchasing consumer data from a third party. Polls will go straight to the most important source: your followers and others who are already interested in your brand.

Another reason you should take advantage of polls is that they have a high response rate because they are easily integrated into numerous platforms, including your own website. Customers don't like to have to stop what they're doing to submit reviews and ratings. With polls, they only have to click a few buttons, and the magic of the Internet does the rest. They won't be distracted, and their scrolling won't be interrupted.

3. How Can You Use Polls?

There are infinite ways to use polls to benefit both you and your consumer. To give you a few ideas on where to start, you could ask your customers...

  • What your best product is

  • Their thoughts on your marketing strategy

  • Why they shop with you

  • If they would change anything about your brand

Polls can be used on most major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and newly, TikTok! You can also post polls on your website, on purchase receipts, or, if you're feeling {vintage}, you can send some out via snail mail. Get creative with this! It's your brand, after all.

Pro Tip: We like to use Cognito Forms for long-term polls or forms, and Instagram Story polls for quick insights!


In order to master the art of polls, always remember

  • Your customers want to be heard

  • You can use polls to gain customer insights

  • You can post polls just about anywhere

Once you start using polls for your business, you'll feel much more connected to your customers, and confident in your ability to fulfill their needs. Want some examples of useful polls? Follow us on Instagram! We post polls on our story every week. Still want help? Contact us-- we're always here for you!

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