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Is Your Website Representing Your Brand?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Table of Contents:

1. How Fast Can Your Audience Identify What You Do?

2. How Are Your Photos or Graphics Looking?

3. Are Your Colors Consistent?

Business websites are only efficient if they truly promote your brand (and ideally without much input from you). With so much competition on the Internet - you have 0.05 seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. If not, you lose them and the potential money they might have spent!

Your web page must show consumers what products or services you offer yes, but it must also be persuasive enough to prompt them to hire you to serve their professional needs. Here are our top 3 tips for creating a simple and effective website!

1. How Fast Can Your Audience Identify What You Do?

Or What You Sell?

When building a website keep it clean, concise, and easy to read! Potential clients must be able to easily navigate the home page (and feel good about doing so!). That means no distracting images or colors or convoluted text. Let's compare these two websites for example:

Which website would you rather purchase a product from? We'll take an educated guess and say you'd be more likely to purchase from the Bliss website. And why is that?

  • It's less cluttered

  • The color scheme matches and is complimentary

  • It looks fresh and modern

  • It's easy to navigate and know immediately what they sell (in less than 5 seconds)

  • AND they make it easy to buy!

So make sure your website design does all of these things (at least!)

2. How Are Your Photos or Graphics Looking?

The overall design of your website must be memorable and modern if you want to attract and keep your clients. Think back to the above examples. The top website seems old, outdated, and like it's stuck in the past. But why?

  • The layout of the images is confusing

  • The color scheme is ancient-looking

  • The quality of the images is low, causing pixelation and image distortion

Did you know that 75% of online shoppers decide to purchase based on the quality of the photograph?

The images and graphics on your website convey the overall professionalism of your website. So, no...unfortunately your iPhone won't cut it. Invest in some high-quality graphic design or photography and watch how quickly your website gets you sales!

3. Are Your Colors Consistent?

Finally, color choice can make or break the appeal of a website, so you want to get this one just right. The good news: the color wheel is an excellent starting point and computer software can mix and match the perfect shade combo that will remain fluent throughout your site. Consider limiting your color choices to 2-3 main colors and 2-3 neutral colors that will pop on the page. The goal here is consistency. The colors you use on your website provide your target audience with a ‘feel’ about what your business has to offer.

For example, if you sell aromatherapy products, you can choose cool colors like blues and greens, but if you’re going for a sleek, modern look consider shades of grays, blacks, and whites, or other neutral cool tones.

Pro Tip: Make sure you know your hex codes to keep the colors exact throughout all digital platforms!


To make a kick-ass website, you need to think about 3 overall things:

  • Clarity

  • Quality

  • And Colors

If you focus on perfecting these aspects of your brand, it will be easier for your potential customers to want to stay and enjoy what you have to offer. Which tip is your favorite? We'd love to hear from you!

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