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Does Your Social Media Plan Make You Want to Go Off the Grid?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Table of Contents:

1. Can You Streamline Social Media?

2. Which Posts Can You Schedule?

3. Could It Be MORE Streamlined?

Well, does it? The world of social media is tricky, but it has become a necessity for every modern business. It's a great tool for promotion and connecting with prospects, but for many businesses with limited staff, social media is more of a chore than anything. Social media is a fast paced full time job that many businesses cannot afford to spend resources on. And all you CEOs have better things to do anyway! But what if there was a way to streamline your social media strategy to make the "chore" fun and easy again? Below is our guide to transforming your routine to make you want to stay ON the grid.

1. Can You Streamline Social Media?

The answer is YES! And it's fairly simple to do. The best way to upgrade your social media strategy is to schedule your posts in advance. We know it sounds boring, but when you sit down and plan out each post on each platform, your posts will be more cohesive and better fit your brand vision. Not to mention it will save you all the time and stress of scrambling to post on every platform whenever you think of it!

You'll also discover that you can utilize your accounts strategically. For example, you can have a whole series of posts leading up to a big sale or live event to generate hype and engage your followers. Another thing you'll find is that certain types of content do better than others on different platforms. AKA: no more posting the same content on every account! Your audience will get sick of that!

2. Which Posts Can You Schedule?

That's a great question. Aren't you glad we asked? Social media scheduling works on virtually every platform, including the major accounts you already have.

A few of these platforms allow you to schedule posts from their site or app directly. Twitter's scheduling function can be found when you click "Tweet", look toward the bottom menu, and click the little calendar function.

Facebook also allows posts to be scheduled directly. Go to your business's Facebook Page and look to the lefthand side of the screen. Click the option titled "Planner". There should be a blue "Create" button in the top righthand corner. Hit that, and you can schedule your posts!

Pro Tip: Facebook Business Suite also allows you to schedule paid promotions from the Planner function!

3. Could It Be MORE Streamlined?

The answer is yes again! There are numerous programs, some of which are free, that allow you to sync all of your social media accounts to one site so you can schedule your posts in one place. One of our favorites is Canva, which is great for social media novices. Canva has different post sizes for you to choose from, each specified for popular platforms. For example, it has the option to select Instagram Story size or Facebook post size. This way you'll know that you can fit your whole design in your post!

WARNING: If you use Canva, make sure your designs are YOURS...otherwise you could be violating copyright laws!

Other programs you can use to sync your social accounts are HeroPost, Loomly, and many others! Although some of these programs cost money, the time and stress you'll save are 100% worth the price.


In order to streamline your social media strategy back to efficiency, all you need to do is

  • Plan your content

  • Know which posts you can schedule

  • Use an automated scheduling system

If you listen to the tips above, your business's social media pages will thrive, and you won't want to pull your hair out if you see one more Instagram story. Do you have any more questions about social media content, planning, and scheduling? Come talk to us! We're always happy to help.

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