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Are Your Marketing Strategies Stifling Your Creativity?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Table of Contents:

1. Does Your Marketing Stick?

2. Would You Swipe Right on Your Business?

3. Can You Go Back to Your Roots?

4. How Could You Market Like a Ninja?

Is your advertising plan going stale? Not yielding results like it used to? Think you'll go crazy after one more online promotion? We have just the thing to shake it up. We've talked about guerrilla marketing before, but we didn't go in-depth with examples to help you get started. Guerrilla marketing is somewhat of an umbrella term, and it's tough to nail down just how to use it for your business. Here are our top 4 examples of the wonders of guerrilla marketing.

1. Does Your Marketing Stick?

A lot of times, it's the small things that your customers appreciate the most. A great way to show your appreciation for your customers or earn exposure for your brand is with stickers! Although it may seem small, marketing that sticks can have a huge impact. For instance, if you include logo stickers with every purchase, at least one customer is bound to use one. People put stickers on everything...and we do mean everything. They put stickers on

  • Water bottles

  • Laptops

  • Notebooks

  • Phone cases

When the customer's friend sees their cute sticker, they will ask about it. And then, you've earned the most valuable form of marketing: word of mouth marketing (AKA viral marketing).

Pro Tip: You can purchase sticker machines at Michael's, where there is always a 20% off coupon with Michael's Rewards!

2. Would You Swipe Right on Your Business?

Sometimes, your business just needs to play the field a little bit. Instead of trying to meet new customers on the standard platforms for business, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, try something a little more intimate. Yes, we're talking about Tinder.

Think outside the business account box!

In case you've been in a committed relationship for the past few years (we're jealous), Tinder is a popular dating app where millions of users flock to find love... which makes it a PERFECT place for your business. Because you know they're going to love it.

Once you make a profile full of your business' most fun facts and pretty pictures, it will show up on other users' feeds and prompt them to swipe right or left on you. If they swipe right, you'll "match" and have a chance to discuss your business with them further!

3. Can You Go Back to Your Roots?

Your roots run deep. It's time to tap into them in the name of entrepreneurship. Grassroots marketing is a form of promotion that targets a specific niche. The ultimate goal of this marketing tactic is to appeal to the small target audience by showing special interest in something they hold near to their hearts. It could be anything; a local monument, a local school, a well-known public figure...anything. If you can show them that you have mutual interests, word-of-mouth marketing will increase tenfold.

A great example for grassroots marketing is philanthropy. Starting a fundraiser is easy, especially with modern tools like GoFundMe. Try raising money for a cause that your community cares about. It's great publicity for your business and a perfect way to use your following and customer base for good.

4. How Could You Market Like a Ninja?

First, you have to learn karate, and then...just kidding. Marketing like a ninja, or stealth marketing, is much simpler than mastering the ancient form of martial arts. In fact, you've likely experienced this form of marketing within the past couple of hours. Stealth marketing is a tactic used to subtly convey a brand message to a consumer without them knowing. This type of marketing is extremely popular in the entertainment industry in the form of product placement.

For example, in the popular movie Castaway, starring Tom Hanks, the main character discovers some packages washed up on the beach. But not just any packages...FedEx packages. Utilizing shows and movies to display brands in a favorable way is an excellent way to earn exposure.

Although product placement is effective, it's also expensive, so it's best to start small. Start branding items that wouldn't normally be associated with your brand, and distribute them at an event. For instance, you could print your logo on paper cups and hand them out to runners at a local race.


In order to get started in the wonderful world of guerrilla marketing, all you need to do is

  • Make your marketing stick

  • Get spicy (professionally) on Tinder

  • Go back to your roots

  • Market like a ninja

If you use these tips for inspiration or as a launchpad, your marketing strategy will become more creative and effective in no time. Have you ever experienced guerrilla marketing? We'd love to hear some examples that have stuck with you! Let's chat!

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