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My name is Katie Motta and I am the founder and CEO of Alluring Media Co. I have a degree in Photography from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. After I graduated from FIT, I started my career doing freelance work in branding, web development, and photography.

At the start of 2020, I was busier than ever with clients needing help revamping their businesses. Work was piling up and as businesses shut their doors due to the pandemic, I decided to make a major shift from in-person freelance work to starting my own virtual full-service branding agency. Thus, in May of 2020, Alluring Media Co. was born. (Yes, Alluring Media Co. is in fact, a Taurus.)

As soon as I started my business, I put my head down and got to work. And just like everyone, I started small. I was lucky enough to have a whole team of friends, family, and mentors help me get my business off the ground. After seeing the way my support system believed in my business, it inspired me even more. Working with business owners and operators that believe in their businesses as much as I do is what motivates me to continuously grow and improve my own business’s services!

Today I work as the President and CEO of Alluring Media Co., and I’m loving it. I enjoy connecting with my clients and helping them achieve their business dreams, AND I get to work with an incredible team every step of the way.

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What's "Alluring" About Us?

When Alluring Media Co. handles your branding, website design, graphic design, and marketing tasks, you get to focus on what matters most to YOU. There is more to our creations than what meets the eye. We spark ideas and deliver results that speak for themselves.


Ultimately, we’re here to help YOU succeed, which means we’ll provide whatever YOU need. With Alluring Media Co., you’re more than just a business. You’re a member of an exclusive, uplifting community that thrives on collaboration, success, and support.


Our packages and services have the option to be á la carte. We work with you to create a fully customized package that fits the needs of your business, because let’s face it: there’s no business quite like yours!


Once the work is done and the final product is received, our relationship will continue on. We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships that extend beyond delivering an outstanding product. We want to see your business flourish, and we’ll provide you with the tools needed to make it happen.

A Peek Into the Future:

The Alluring Media Co. brand is constantly growing and changing, and will continue to do so. No matter what happens, our goal will always remain the same: Help your business succeed. And of course, eradicating subpar branding for good!

Meet The Team

Bri ODwyer Headshot.jpg

Bri O'Dwyer

Lead Copywriter
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Hi! I write copy for Alluring Media Co. and annoy the CEO (hehe). My love for copywriting began at the age of 5 when I had a life-changing revelation about my identity: I realized that I was funny.

Ok, maybe not so much, but I do love incorporating humor and fun into my job. I write website, social media, and ad copy here, and help Katie’s brainstorm become a brain hurricane!

Fun Fact: Sam, our main graphic designer, and I have been friends for 5+ years! :)

Samantha Karasinski_edited.jpg

Samantha Karasinski

Lead Graphic Designer & Creative Director
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Hello! I am a multidisciplinary creative specializing in Art Direction.


I use my visual talents to develop innovative concepts and aesthetically pleasing deliverables in order to generate interest and communicate a captivating message for brands.


Fun Fact: I tricked Bri, the copywriter, into thinking we were friends 5 years ago and I still can’t get rid of her.

Alex Pourvali.jpg


Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer
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Hi! I'm a storyteller with a knack for design and illustration.


I love every second of working with businesses to help visualize their brands and craft memorable logos, websites, packaging and more.


Fun Fact: The CEO took me off the market 5 years ago!


Earl Dauley

Operations Manager & CEO's Fiancé
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Hey there! I help Alluring Media Co. to deliver awesome branding and design services by using technology to speed up busy work and keep the team communicating.

I love to research and use techniques and technologies I've learned in starting my own business (which is also an Alluring Media Co. customer!).

Fun Fact: The CEO took me off the market 5 years ago!

Meet The Team
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