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A logo design project By Alluring Media Co.

CareerPulse New Logo Draft - No Background With TM & Tagline.png

CareerPulse is a resume writing firm specializing in editing resumes, cover letters, references, and other resources critical to the job search process. After operating under a starter logo for a few months, the founder and CEO recognized that their new logo needed to be stronger and more unique. It needed to put their clients’ minds at ease, knowing that when they see that logo, their professional documents are in capable hands. CareerPulse’s parameters for the project were to incorporate the brand’s signature electric blue color, and a classic lightning bolt motif.


During development, we explored several ways to incorporate the unique blue color and the lightning bolt to ensure that we captured the essence of professionalism in the CareerPulse brand.

We wanted to provide a symbol that was modern and executive, but at the same time, friendly and inviting. Our design team arrived on combining the company name and the blue lightning mark to simplify the logo. Combining the two elements creates captivating visual appeal, and communicates CareerPulse writers’ clever tricks to enhance their clients’ business documents.

CareerPulse Business Card Graphic.png

To show the logo in a realistic business environment, we included some mockups of business cards, pens, t-shirts, totes, etc. These mockups helped the CareerPulse team visualize and solidify their approval of the new logo. Since they applied their new logo, CareerPulse has experienced increased brand recognition, a boost in repeat clients, and consistent website traffic.

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