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A logo design and website design & development project by Alluring Media Co.


117 Eastman St, LLC provides short- and long-term office space leases to businesses or individuals in South Easton, Massachusetts. In the interest of improving their online experience, 117 Eastman St. wanted to provide a functional, user-friendly website to ensure potential renters have an easily accessible way to contact leasing agents, view available spaces, and schedule tours of the rooms/property. In addition to the new website, they also desired a fresh new look for their brand, including a bold color palette and modernized logo. Armed with a new website and branding, 117 Eastman St.’s ultimate goal was to develop a brand that reflected the inspiring nature of its workspaces.


Our first step in redeveloping the 117 Eastman St. brand was carefully curating a logo design based on their desired aesthetic. The logo was developed to increase brand recognition, attract ideal renters, and stand out from the competition. Our design team decided to go against the grain of the industry standard by designating teal and bright orange into the logo design, and then throughout the website as the company’s main colors. Complemented by a peaceful white, the teal and orange attract renters who are desiring a space that promotes creativity, strength, and clean professionalism.

The final design features a wave of blue and orange representing the ease of renting with 117 Eastman St., and the same energy of creativity and strength evoked by the color palette itself. It also includes a simple graphic of the building's roof, evoking strength and stability.

117_Eastman_Coffe-Mug-Mockup - Alluring Media Co.png

For the newly improved 117 Eastman St. website, we integrated their new color palette, logo, and new descriptions of their stunning rentals. Additionally, we migrated their old site to WordPress, which enhanced their site functionality, appearance, and ensured indefinite access to crucial analytics. It also opens the door for unlimited customization; an excellent perk for a growing company.

Since our redesign, 117 Eastman St, LLC has been able to provide an improved experience for all of their potential clients. Prospective renters now recognize and trust the 117 Eastman St. brand, and have access to simple, streamlined renter information. Check out the live 117 Eastman St. website HERE.

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